Styrene Mounts

Styrene is one of the most versatile mounting substrates available. At .080 inches thick, this product keeps your prints flat and protects against warping. Great for Frames! 

Styrene Sizes and Options

Prices are for mounting only. See prices for prints and finishing. 

3x3: $5.05

3.5x5: $5.05

4x4: $5.05

4x5: $5.05

4x6: $5.05

4x8: $5.05

5x5: $5.05

5x7: $5.05

6x6: $5.35

8x8: $5.35


8x10: $5.35

8x12: $9.00

9x12: $9.00

10x10: $9.00

10x13: $10.10

10x15: $10.10

10x20: $11.25

11x14: $9.85

12x12: $11.25

12x18: $11.25


16x16: $18.55

16x20: $18.55

16x24: $21.35

20x20: $21.35

20x24: $21.35

20x30: $28.70

24x30: $96.75

24x36: $114.15

30x30: $134.40

30x40: $134.40

How to Order

Create an account by clicking "Get Started" from the home page. If you already have an account, click "log in" and enter your email and password. 


Next, create an album, and upload your photos or use existing photos in an album. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.10.55 PM.png

To place a print order, select the images you would like to print from an Album, then click "Order Prints" which is located on the right side of the window. 

*Note...if you want to create a book or choose from photos across multiple albums you can
do so from the Photos menu shown below.

Next, select "More Product Options" at the bottom, which will then navigate you to the ordering tool. Choose your desired size and underneath "Mounting and Finishing" select Styrene. Once finished, click "Add to Cart." Please note, you may change Print Sizes and Crop photos after they have been added to the Cart.