A Look Back on Unitprints PRO's Added Features of 2016

2016 was a good year for many new added features for our galleries. We are always improving here at Unitprints Pro and love to hear your feedback about our services.

At only $30 annually, Unitprints PRO strives to create a gallery sharing service that is affordable and has all the features you need.  We encourage you to keep on sharing your galleries and albums in 2017. Unitprints PRO is in the business of print sales, so the more prints your clients order, the more we can keep expanding our features while keeping the price affordable. 

Check out the list of our added features to Unitprints PRO

  • Added file names to UP Mobile Images
  • Added the ability to view Customer Orders from Shared Albums & Galleries
  • Implemented a client “Like” viewer
  • Implemented a new “View Photos” E-mail Design
  • Added the option to remove Gallery Cover images
  • Added Active Download URLs to Gallery Configuration
  • Repaired page number rendering for Unitprints Photo Book products 
  • Added Live Chat to Unitprints.com
  • Removed Specialty Products from UP Galleries to promote ease of use 
  • Repaired Facebook Mobile Share for UP Galleries

You will LOVE our new Likes feature In Unitprints Pro

*New Feature*

Track Client Likes in a Gallery or Album.


Filter and download Likes by user

Once your client has selected his/her Likes, images can be added to an order or individually downloaded,  In addition, you can choose to copy the liked images to a new album, thereby giving the ability to download all.

The Like system is integrated into each UnitPrints Pro Album which makes proofing easy for the busy pro.

This is a fresh start feature for shared galleries (not albums) Like activity will not display before 1/21/16  

How To:
Navigate to Album
Click Likes button

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.51.59 PM.png

View Activity

Click Magnifying Glass button under action