You will LOVE our new Likes feature In Unitprints Pro

*New Feature*

Track Client Likes in a Gallery or Album.


Filter and download Likes by user

Once your client has selected his/her Likes, images can be added to an order or individually downloaded,  In addition, you can choose to copy the liked images to a new album, thereby giving the ability to download all.

The Like system is integrated into each UnitPrints Pro Album which makes proofing easy for the busy pro.

This is a fresh start feature for shared galleries (not albums) Like activity will not display before 1/21/16  

How To:
Navigate to Album
Click Likes button

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.51.59 PM.png

View Activity

Click Magnifying Glass button under action


Bundled Prints For Easy Ordering

UnitPrints Offers Conveniently Bundled Prints For Easy Ordering With Three Separate Packages

Packages Include: 
1 - 8x10, 2 - 5x7s, 16-Wallets
2 - 8x10s, 4 - 5x7s, 32-Wallets
2- 8x10s, 4 - 5x7s, 4 - 4x6, 32-Wallets

Packages are available for ordering through albums and galleries and are printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive Professional Paper. All wallets will come die cut with rounded corners.