Gallery Wrapped Canvas

All canvases are hand wrapped around a 1.5" wood frame with the greatest attention to detail. Each piece is then properly finished with a Gator Tooth Hanger and bumpers.

All of our Gallery Wraps are printed on the highest quality 100% cotton duck fabric. This canvas offers a medium gloss finish and an acid free archival base, which creates superior image quality and an archival display life.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Sizes and Prices

5x7: $30.00

8x8: $30.00

8x10: $45.00

8x12: $50.00

10x10: $55.00

10x20: $75.00

11x14: $60.00

12x12: $65.00

12x18: $70.00

16x16: $75.00

16x20: $80.00

16x24: $90.00

20x20: $90.00

20x24: $100.00


20x30: $130.00

24x30: $150.00

24x36: $160.00

30x30: $170.00

30x40: $200.00

40x60: $450.00

Stretched Gallery Wrap


Want to lose less of your photo when wrapping around the edge of the frame? Try using the Stretched Gallery Wrap mounting instead. Digitally stretched borders are created by our graphic artist in photoshop by capturing a thin piece of the outside edge of your image and digitally stretching it to fill the wrapped area of your canvas. A stretched edge is a great upgrade to get the most out of your image!

Stretched Gallery Wrap Sizes and Prices

5x7: $45.00

8x8: $45.00

8x10: $60.00

8x12: $65.00

10x10: $70.00

10x20: $90.00

11x14: $75.00

12x12: $80.00

12x18: $85.00

16x16: $90.00

16x20: $95.00

16x24: $105.00

20x20: $105.00

20x24: $115.00


20x30: $145.00

24x30: $165.00

24x36: $175.00

30x30: $185.00

30x40: $215.00

40x60: $465.00

How to Order

Create an account by clicking "Get Started" from the home page. If you already have an account, click "log in" and enter your email and password. 


Next, create an album, and upload your photos or use existing photos in an album. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.10.55 PM.png

To place a Gallery Wrapped Canvas order, select the images you would like to print from an Album, then click "Order Prints" which is located on the right side of the window. 

*Note...if you want to choose from photos across multiple albums you can
do so from the Photos menu shown below.

Next, select Gallery Wrapped Canvas, then choose your desired size and options for all the images. Once finished, click "Add to Cart." Please note, you may change Print Sizes and Crop photos after they have been added to the Cart.