Unlimited Galleries

Create as many Galleries as you'd like without any storage limits! 

Unlimited Traffic

Share your images with anyone and everyone! 

Fully Hosted

All uploaded files are stored securely in the cloud at full file size in unlimited quantities.


Client Galleries

Create individual Galleries for your clients with customized pricing. 

Mobile Ready

All Galleries are instantly mobile ready, allowing your clients to place orders on the go! 

Mobile Web App

Galleries can be easily added to your mobile home screen to create personal web apps!


Password Protection

Create custom passwords for your Galleries to ensure security. 


Add watermarks to your Gallery images to protect against screen shots.

Share History

A detailed list of sharing history is available for your reference for each Gallery.  


Gallery Home Page

Show Off Your Galleries utilizing your own Home Page where you can enable/disable what you want to display. 

Track Image Likes

Filter and Download image likes by user making proofing a breeze!  


Secure Delivery

Both High and Low Resolution download options are available for fast, secure delivery.  

Control File Size

Easily enable and disable the file size options to allow your clients High Resolution, Low Resolution or No Download options. 

Full Gallery Downloads

Allow your clients to download all High Resolution images at once! 



Password Protection

Utilize a randomly generated password, or create your own to allow access. 

Sell Digital Downloads

Sell your files as Digital Downloads and avoid the need for CDs, DVDs or USBs! 


Album Sharing

Allow your clients to preview their images without a Unitprints account. 

Set Permissions

Allow Individual and Full Album High and Low Resolution Downloads, Editing and Social Sharing.

Custom Branding

Add your personal logo and website link to you Proofing Albums!


Track Customer Likes

Easily view and track which images your customers have liked!

Download Image Likes

Copy the images your customers have liked to a new Album with seamless integration! 



Pro Lab Fulfillment

All orders are fulfilled by a professional Photo Lab, Color Incorporated

Set Your Own Pricing

Earn royalties on your images by creating and applying unlimited price lists!

Commission Free

Commission is never charged on any account!


Sell Digital Downloads

Sell your High Resolution Images as Digital Downloads and avoid the need for CDs, DVDs and USBs! 

Instant Payment

All royalties from print sales will instantly be deposited to your Paypal account!

No Minimum Order Required

There is no order too big or too small! Any size order can be placed without the fear of additional fees.


E-Mail Notification

All parties will receive e-mail notifications when an order is placed outlining the content of the order. Clients will also receive shipping and tracking notifications when the order is on its way! 

Mobile Ready

Clients can make purchases directly from their mobile device or tablet!  

Create Promotional Price Lists With Expiration Dates

Offer clients promotional pricing deals and set your own expiration dates!


Gallery Sharing

Share your Galleries through a unique URLs with no account signup required for your clients.

Social Network Integration

Share your Galleries to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!  

Incorporate Your Brand

Display your logo when sharing proofing albums. Clients will recognize your brand and can then easily review and order prints.


Facebook Likes

Your clients can utilize the most popular sharing method in the world and 'Like' all of your Galleries through Facebook. 

Turn Galleries On/Off

All Gallery sharing configurations can be turned on and off at your convenience. 

Personalized E-Mails

Clients will receive a personal e-mail containing a link to their Gallery that can be accessed with just one click!


Mobile Sharing

Clients can accept Album and Gallery invitations directly from their mobile and tablet devices!


Storage & Security

Secure Storage

All of your data is stored securely through Amazon Web Services.

Password Protection

Password protect every Gallery with auto generated or your own unique custom passwords.


Watermark your Gallery images to protect against screenshots. 


Right Click Protection

Right click protection is enabled on all Galleries to prevent clients from saving images to their desktop. 

Additional Features

100% Guaranteed

All Unitprints products have a 100% Lifetime Guarantee! 

New Features

Unitprints is constantly expanding and improving from YOUR experiences and opinions. 

Knowledge Base

Explore our knowledge base to find answers and walkthroughs to our most common FAQs


Exceptional Customer Service

Our customer service team is here to help! Send us an e-mail or talk with a member of our team over live chat during business hours!